Shawn Thomas, The Original Live Stream Mentor ® and Founder of Ask A Millionaire ® has always had a passion for helping people, but he has not always been a millionaire. In fact, it wasn’t until the age of 32 that Shawn founded his first company, Uniguest; and it wasn’t until age 43 that Shawn found financial independence. Prior to Uniguest, Shawn spent over a decade searching and struggling for his way in the world.

While Uniguest was busy setting the gold standard for public-use computer kiosks in the hotel industry, Shawn (with the aid of some fantastic mentors) was working his way through a crash course in business practice, growth, and development. During his 11-year tenure as CEO at Uniguest, the company grew in value from $0-20m and was eventually purchased by a private equity firm.

During his time at Uniguest, Shawn didn’t just learn about business, he learned about mission. He also learned the difference between having a mission and having the know-how, capability and sheer will to execute it. He learned that when you combine mission with passion, knowledge, and willingness to do what it takes, there is nothing you cannot achieve.

Shawn attributes his most won’t, I will mentality to the foundation set for him in his youth. Having grown up in a military household, Shawn was taught three primary principles that still guide him today. These include understanding the value of hard work, doing things right–the first time, and leading life with integrity.

Shawn began his first job as a paperboy in Eagle River, Alaska at the age of 12. This opportunity brought with it early mornings, sub-zero temperatures, major snowstorms, and a tangible fear of bear attacks in the darkness of day. His time in this job brought with it a formative life lesson on how to be deeply committed to the work that you do despite the difficulties.

By the time Shawn was a senior in high school, his next big ambition was born. It all began the day MTV debuted on television and Shawn decided he wanted to pursue a career as a professional singer. Just two weeks after high school graduation, Shawn left for Southern California to do just that—and it didn’t take long.

At the age of 21, Shawn signed a record deal with Warner Bros. Records and began touring with Ringling Bros. & Barnum and Bailey Circus. He and his group appeared in many magazines, performed in virtually every major arena across the U.S. and even appeared on MTV. Shawn had chased down his dream and watched it come true.

After this, Shawn came to realize that singing professionally, long-term was not the future for him, so he set his sights on becoming an entrepreneur. And like many aspiring entrepreneurs, Shawn had many failed attempts–but he never gave up. In 2002 Uniguest was born.

After Uniguest sold in 2013, Shawn took some years off to enjoy life and find a new balance. It was during this time that he started an Instagram account called @askamillionaire. Initially this was just a fun and engaging way for Shawn to share his story of success while providing advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, and business owners.

It didn’t take long for Shawn to recognize that there exists an inordinate number of people in need of more than a few sound bites of good advice. In this, Shawn upped his game, formed Ask A Millionaire, LLC, and founded his Most Won’t I Will ® mentorship tribe. Concurrently, Shawn efficiently amassed over a million social media followers through his Live Stream connections and “On Air” interactions.

Today Shawn has evolved Ask A Millionaire ® into a comprehensive platform explicitly designed to serve others through thought leadership, mentorship, education, and developed resource. He creates connections, offers resources, provides support, and even extends the power of his personal network.

Shawn’s Most Won’t I Will ® mentorship tribe is based on the understanding that there’s no shortage of people in this world with extensive passion, promise and possibility. What there is a shortage of, is access to experience-based knowledge, forth-coming expertise and individualized guidance. Knowing this, Shawn has brought together his personal network of millionaire mentors to empower his tribe and ensure Ask A Millionaire ® is fully equipped to facilitate anyone looking to do virtually anything in the world of business.

Due to his vast success in the realm of social media, Shawn has been featured in many online magazines and has become known as the leading expert on building a personal brand and amassing an engaged social media following.

When Shawn is not working on Ask A Millionaire ® he can be found enjoying good food and the finest of wine on his 7-acre estate in Franklin, Tennessee. He shares his home with his family of two retrievers, Sharky and B.B. and his rescued Sokoke cat Millicent.