Every week, at a minimum, I read magazines like Forbes, Fast Company, Harvard Business Review, and others to run my businesses more EFFICIENT. I also look for life hacks, products and brands to make the life I live as a busy entrepreneur more PRODUCTIVE. I share this with people I mentor. This is THE LIST you want to be on to get the good stuff.

Companies I have done business with.

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Shawn is an Entrepreneur, Angel Investor,
and Mentor to thousands.
When we think of entrepreneurs we think innovation, creativity, problem solver, and passionate. When people meet Shawn, that is exactly what they see. He is a big picture thinker with a keen ability to take those big ideas, turn them into action, and get mind-blowing results. Shawn has built a reputation of being the guy you call when you need help and have questions in business. He has spent decades building an expansive network of leaders in business and shares those resources with people he mentors or invests money.

Ask A Millionaire®
Shawn Founded and is currently running two startup companies. Ask A Millionaire ® and The Goal Mindset ™ . Ask A Millionaire is a company dedicated to mentoring and coaching startup entrepreneurs and The Goal Mindset is a goal-setting web platform assisting anyone who wants to digitally set and manage their goal-setting process.
Shawn is an accredited investor and invests in start up companies that have shown track record of success and need capital and mentorship to grow. Sample Invested companies: Hammitt, Whoa Almonds, Pineapple Express, Influicity, Dopple.
Most Won’t I Will®
As part of the Ask A Millionaire brand, Shawn started a mentorship tribe called Most Won’t I Will ® . It is a community filled with proven business mentors who all share a passion for mentoring entrepreneurs. Members are from all around the world and receive online mentoring as well as Master Classes, individual coaching, Master Mind Retreats, and conferences.
Overcome Fear With Your Most Natural Instinct:

The Power Of Naïveté™


The NUMBER 1 question asked of successful people is “How do I overcome fear?”

Imagine unlocking your most natural instinct to overcome fear.


The Power of Naïveté Kit teaches you how to overcome your fear, take bold steps forward, and live your dreams.

When You Sign Up, You’ll Get Instant Access To:
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Power of Naivete eBook
The mindset that made me a millionaire:
Learn through my personal journey to achieving everything I ever wanted. (hint: it wasn’t handed to me.)
Learn how successful people look at the future:
Get all the secrets of overcoming your fear and ignoring the worst advice ever!
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Get the TEDx talk in my own words:
Hear how to use the Power of Naivete directly from me on the TEDx stage.
Hear why protecting yourself from failure can be detrimental to achieving success.
The mindset that attracts success and crushes fear!
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The Best of my favorite articles and videos on the web.
Get 10+ handpicked resources:
Cut through the Google search to read the resources that have changed my life.
Start taking action TODAY:
Adopt the habits I’ve used to accomplish all my goals, starting right now!
Ask A Millionaire® is a company dedicated to giving people access to the millionaire mindset. This is accomplished through social media, mentoring platforms, master classes, podcasts, and coaching.
Started on Instagram, @askamillionaire quickly became one of the most trusted and reputable entrepreneurial Instagram accounts known for engaging, real content.
Shawn and other millionaires perform live stream #mentorsessions where they allow the audience to ask questions. Audience members are even brought into the live stream to have direct conversation with the millionaires and learn how to achieve success whatever their circumstance or wherever they live.