The Real Value

It took me a long time in life to learn my real value. I used to focus on characteristics, and not real value……

A characteristic or trait is determination, passionate, hard worker, nice guy, loyal.

That is not a value you bring to the world. Those are all nice things, but that is not value.

My favorite article I have ever read in my life is called “the six harsh truths”. If you have not read it and you would like to read it, go to my Pinterest account,

You will find the article in the board called “personal development”. That article changed my life. It will change yours too.

Today, the value I most provide to people I encounter is my belief in them. And I show that belief in many ways. Sometime it is with guidance and advice and sometimes it is making an investment in them. I always knew early on in life I was meant to help people. In order for me to do that I needed to make a name for myself and become successful. That is why I do what I do today and why I created

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