Memory Lane

I’ve been called a renaissance man for a reason. I’ve been fortunate enough to have quite a few reinventions in life. Maybe it’s because of my diverse background. If you want to talk about extremes, try moving from the free acres of Alaska to the sunny beaches of Southern California. When I was young in Alaska I heard about kids surfing before and after school. Now I live at the beach and see it. Amazing dedication and passion…..

Perhaps one of the most surprising topics of bar stool conversation usually starts off with…”so you were in a boy band”…More on that to come in later blog posts but yes, I was in a boy band.

Another of the most common questions I get asked is how did I become a millionaire…that doesn’t have a one-word answer. For me the path to becoming a millionaire started with how I reacted to the word ‘no’. I can’t look back negatively on any time I was told no or an idea of mine failed. From countless no’s came one yes and it honestly doesn’t matter how many times you’ve failed as long as you succeed once. But you got to swing for the fences if you’re going to knock it out with one shot. If you become a millionaire it’s because you learned how to get around the bases…or you knock it out of the fucking park with that one amazing shot.

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