How Did I Become A Millionaire

It wasn’t just hard work, it wasn’t just opportunity, it wasn’t just drive…success can’t be pinned upon one singular thing. It is rather a collection of occurrences that lead you to the door. How you handle what is beyond the door, that’s a whole different topic….

For me personally, it started with a “day job” that did two things. Kept the bills paid and kept my mind working. My body may have been punching a clock to collect a check but my mind was constantly thinking of ideas.

Once an idea would make it to execution I knew rather quickly if it had legs or would be a failed launch. Trust me, I had more failed launches than ideas with four legs. But once I locked in on the opportunity and lined up the right elements, I knew in my gut that I was onto something.

After I hit my first major check I realized that all my hard work in the past had a purpose. All those times I had to pick myself back up and carry on, lead me to the first moment of success. The moment I realized I had arrived as a millionaire wasn’t when my bank account hit a million bucks…but rather when I had complete clarity in my thoughts and direction. The one thing that becoming a millionaire did for me was allow me not to stress and think about normal things like

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