Cancelled Wine Club Membership at Far Niente and Why.

Background: Recently on an annual trip to Napa Valley my friends and I visited one of my long time favorite wineries: Far Niente…..

I have been a long term proponent of this winery as normally their hospitality, attention to service, and general fun and informative tours are nothing short of amazing.

My friends and I arrived at the winery (candidly) already buzzing from the previous activities of the day. It’s Napa and a vacation right? We brought in a half bottle of another winery’s wine as we did not want it to sit in the car for 90 minutes in the warm air. It was a 1997 Stags leap Cask 23 which is something we did not want to waste. We did not expect to actually drink it at Far Niente. We hoped they would simply store for us out of the sun.

The beginning of the worst tour ever began.

After being a member for years, the tour guide asked if anyone had ever been to the winery. Uh… yeah… I have been there probably 8-10 times. “And is anyone a member?” Uh… yeah, for years.

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