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Shawn Thomas is a self-made millionaire who grew his company from 0 to $20 Million. He balances life between being a Mentor, a Coach and a Philanthropist. He is passionate about helping individuals, companies and communities reach their success goals in life and in business.

Shawn Thomas Mentor


Shawn is dedicated to helping others on their entrepreneurial journey. Shawn works with individuals in a mentor/mentee capacity to help guide, motivate and help set the parameters for hard work and a disciplined work ethic.  Connect with Shawn to learn more how you can start or expand your entrepreneurial experience.

Shawn Thomas Mentor


Shawn coaches companies and individuals to help increase profitability, develop strategy, review business plans, as well as general business knowledge. With experience of growing a startup to $20 million in revenue and over 100 employees, Shawn advises from a place of experience bringing valued insight. 

Shawn Thomas Mentor


Shawn knows the importance of philanthropy and is passionate about giving back to the community. Through charitable activities, public speaking, experience sharing, and including his network of aspiring entrepreneurs, Shawn is committed to building better community involvement.